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Testing and Certification

The testing and certification is used to verify that the implementation and configuration of the merchant’s system fulfills the requirements needed to obtain access to the Worldline production environment. The technical and administrative issues are resolved during the certification process and depending on the integration, different test cases may be used. The certification covers the payment methods and transaction types that the merchant has implemented to support the business use cases and Worldline certifies that these have been implemented correctly. The client is asked to perform a set of test transactions, record the responses and submit the results to the Worldline for review. The Client Integration Team is required to complete the tests provided by the Worldline's Integration Team. As a component of the test scripts, the certification should mimic the full live integration, which includes the real-time transactions, offline batch files, and financial reports.

The Worldline Technical Integration Manager must be notified to begin the certification, when the client is ready for the certification. The Client Integration Team and Worldline Integration Team will have access to the transactions in Worldline system through the OneSource merchant portal.

The Technical Integration Manager at Worldline should be immediately notified for assistance, when client notices unexpected results during the certification testing.

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