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Use the best option for every kind of integration and learn the basics about the payments cycle.

Payment acceptance

A payment starts with the user selecting the method of payment, and initiating a payment comprises Authorizing or Debiting a card, or accepting the payment with a wallet, an Internet Bank Payment (IBP), Boleto or other Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT).

To initiate the payment, you can use either a client side or server side, direct integration.

Client side integration

Use the client side APIs to capture the payment details on the device. This will relieve you from managing lots of the technical details surrounding the integration, as well as PCI DSS compliancy and other legislative requirements.

  • Payment Page - Redirect the customer to the Worldline Payment Page.
  • Client Side Encryption
  • Device REST API - Integrate Payments on your page or device.

Direct Integration

As an alternative, you can initiate the payment by using a Server Side integration. These integrations all support the Initiating the payment, tokenization or both in a combination. In addition, the initiation can also be instructed to be captured automatically.

Capture the payment

You can capture a transaction, if it has been successfully initiated. For some payment methods, like IBP, the payment is always automatically captured. For card payments, you can call for auto-capture during initiate payment. Make a capture call.


Use the Refund operation to credit a payment that has been successfully captured. Make a refund call.


You can reverse transactions that has been initiated by sending a cancellation request. Make a cancel call.

Original Credit

Use the Original Credit call to credit a customer.

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