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The Worldline Web Service is a solution that allows clients to accept international and local Credit and Debit cards, Internet Bank Payments (IBPs), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), eWallets, Direct Debits (DDs) and process Payouts. This section describes the methodology, process, and procedures required to integrate with the Commerce Payments Web Service for online and offline transactions. It provides examples for various development requirements for integrating to the Web service. The Web service is designed to be easily integrated, scalable and permitting secure and trusted transactions.

For a list of Web Service calls that are available, see the reference documentation on Web Service methods.

A typical card interaction between the merchant (client) and Worldline (server) is illustrated in the following image.


The [Payments Web Services WSDL] allows flexibility for how the system handles transaction requests and responses, tokens, lost consumers, and so on. Before you start coding, get familiar with the different transaction types and how they may impact your implementation.

Version and compatibility

There are three categories of WSDL/XSD schema changes that may affect backward compatibility:

  • Addition of new objects in requests or responses
  • Deprecation of existing objects in requests or responses
  • Replacement of existing objects, or change of type in requests or responses

Although we will try to keep all of these changes to a minimum, they may occur as often as every three weeks. The effects of the change can depend on whether your application happens to use functionality that has changed, or if the schema validation won't accept additions in responses.

Addition of objects: The elements, types (complex and simple), and attributes may be added in both requests and in responses. Usually, this change does not require your implementation to change, provided that the merchant has planned for it.

Future schema changes compatibility

The client needs to handle, or ignore, extra elements that Worldline has add to the schema. For example, at any time, API calls may return new elements in addition to those declared in the version of the schema that you are using. The client should also be prepared to see and handle new values that Worldline has added to the code and enumeration types in versions that are new than the version they integrated with.

Reference documents

The following are the list of documents can be referred for required information:

  • CommercePayments WSDL Documentation
  • CommercePayments (download CommercePayment.wsdl and CommercePayment_1_1_23.xsd)
  • Status Codes
  • 3D Secure
  • Technical Reference
  • RFC 2617 HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication,

To successfully implement Worldline Web service, you need the following skill set:

  • Basic knowledge of XML
  • XML Schema
  • SOAP messages
  • Certificates and HTTP authentication
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