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Use Orders to start a new payment order and to get detailed information about a historic payment order and its transactions.


POST /api/v2/merchants/{mid}/orders/{orderId}

Starts a new payment order with an authorization request.

GET /api/v2/merchants/{mid}/orders/{orderId}

Gets information about a specific payment order.

Request parameters

Path parameter Requirement Description Type
mid Required The merchant account reference number. Number
orderId Required The reference to uniquely identify a payment. String

Sample request

curl -X POST \
    -H 'Accept: application/json' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer 573cec25a87526dcceacad786bbbba83b1a5172' \
    https://    /api/v2/merchants/1570616552/orders/order_example_1

Sample response

    "mid": 1570616552,
    "orderId": "order_example_1",
    "orderDetailDescription": "detailed desc",
    "orderDescription": "description",
    "orderAmount": 10.50,
    "fulfilmentAmount": 10.50,
    "capturedAmount": 0.00,
    "refundedAmount": 0.00,
    "currency": "EUR",
    "baseCurrency": "EUR",
    "baseOrderAmount": 10.50,
    "baseFulfilmentAmount": 10.50,
    "baseCapturedAmount": 0.00,
    "baseRefundedAmount": 0.00,
    "capturable": true,
    "cancelable": true,
    "refundable": false,
    "completable": false,
    "dccIndicator": false,
    "transactionReferences": [
            "transactionId": 5986908782,
            "transactionTypeId": 1,
            "mid": 1570616552,
            "orderId": "order_example_1",
            "transactionType": "Authorize",
            "transactionDate": "2019-10-04T14:05:26.927Z",
            "transactionDesc": "Transaction Accepted",
            "statusCode": 0,
            "status": "Processed",
            "amount": 10.50,
            "currency": "EUR",
            "baseAmount": 10.50,
            "baseCurrency": "EUR",
            "paymentMethod": "Visa",
            "paymentMethodId": 1001,
            "acquirerAuthorizationCode": "123456",
            "acquirerReferenceId": "622135",
            "acquirerAnswerCode": "00",
            "bankReferenceId": "622135",
            "bankAnswerCode": "00",
            "maskedAccountNumber": "411111xxxxxx1111",
            "cardExpiryDate": "12-2024",
            "cvResponse": "",
            "cvAnswerCode": 2,
            "avsResponse": "",
            "avsAnswerCode": 3
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