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Payment Page Integration


The Worldline Payment Page is a ready-to-use, secure Web-based solution for accepting cards and alternative Payment Methods worldwide. The Worldline Payment Page is an alternative to the conventional API based transaction submission flow. Instead of collecting the payment information from the consumer and submitting it to Worldline through one of the available API access interfaces, the consumer is redirected to a web server hosted by Worldline. The consumer selects a payment method, enters the information and processes the transaction within the Payment Page. Finally the result of the transaction is returned to the merchant Web site through a redirect back to the original site. The Worldline issues certificates which are used for authentication when the client’s Payment Page communicates with Worldline. During the Payment Page implementation, certificates are implemented twice, the first set is used during Payment Page development and the second set is implemented when the Payment Page is launched in production.


  • Clients can keep a control of their brand with a seamless integration to existing Web sites.
  • Is highly customizable, allowing merchants to maintain their Company look and feel onto this page to simplify the customer journey.
  • Is a PCI compliant and hosted on a multi-continent data centre park supporting 40,000 merchants worldwide enabling 20 million page views every day.
  • Facilitate simple integration with flexible page formats and are adaptable for mobile devices.
  • Provides automatic support for displaying in multiple languages.
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