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From a developer perspective, transactions are the results of calls to Worldline. A transaction can also occur as a result of a request from a consumer, bank or other third party, affecting some property of a Payment Order.

Transaction Type

The most common transaction types that you will come across are the ones initiated by the merchant:

Transaction Type Description
Authorize A card payment request to reserve the amount on the consumer's account on the issuing bank. See options
Debit For card payments, request in auto-capture mode. For Debit cards, IBP and similar payment methods this is the standard transaction type. See options
Capture A transaction to Capture the Authorized amount. See guide
Credit Refund of a Captured or Debited amount. See guide
Cancel A request to reverse an Authorized amount. See guide
OriginalCredit A request to refund a consumer without a referencing a previous transaction.
StoreToken Worldline has stored the payment method with a Tokenization Service. See guide


A transaction can have one of the following statuses:

Status Description
Processed A transaction was accepted or successfully processed with the payment institution.
Declined A transaction was declined. The Status Code will further indicate the reason.
Registered A transaction is pending an action from a user, bank or other party.
System Error A bank, network or similar indicated a problem in processing of the transactions.

See reference on Status Codes for a complete list of codes and their meaning.

Transaction Category

There are different kinds of Transactions in the Worldline One Commerce Hub.

Transaction Category Description of Transaction or Event Transaction Types
Functional Events (FE) Does not directly affect the Merchant Account Authorize, Cancel, Init3D, StoreToken
Payment Transactions (PT) Results in a Credit on a merchant account Capture, Debit
Refund Transactions (RT) Results in a Debit on a merchant account RefundOrder, Credit
Dispute Debit Transaction (DDT) Disputes that results in a Debit of a merchant account DisputeDebit
Dispute Credit Transaction (DCT) Disputes that results in a Credit of a merchant account DisputeCredit
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