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High volumes and rate limits

Being on the top-tier of payment processors globally, Worldline provides a number of options for processing payments on a large scale.

For ticket sales and similar bursts, merchants can process multiple transactions in parallel. Depending on the market that you are processing with, some preparations might need to be carried out with third parties, for instance if you have registered a merchant account with a bank that has imposed a limit. Please contact Worldline in these cases.

If you are processing subscriptions or similar batch-oriented jobs, you can either send batch files for processing, or make online calls to the Worldline APIs similar to a regular online transaction. We recommend staying at a total of 25 concurrent requests so that you will not hit your rate limit.


Worldline supports a range of timeouts that you can set for optimising the transaction processing.

Timeout parameter Usage Recommendation
API timeout Use this to inform Worldline on how long you are waiting for a transaction. Note that even if you set a too low value, a payment might still be processed after that amount of time, i.e. if the issuing bank is responding slow. > 20 - 59 seconds
Timeout for Payment Page redirects Use this to set a limit to how long the payment page will accept a payment. For instance, if you have a concert ticketing system where users will have a limited period of time to pay before they lose the ticket, you can set this. We have seen values of 15 minutes for some ticket sales, but recommend giving the user at least an hour to pay, preferrably a day.
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