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Test and Go Live

Before the client can process live transaction, the integration has to be certified.

The Certification phase is used to verify that the implementation and configuration of the payment solution fulfills the requirements needed to obtain access to Worldline Production environment. Technical and administrative issues are resolved during the Certification process. Depending on the Integration, different test cases may be used.

Worldline test systems are available 24x7 without uptime guarantees, except for those agreed upon in contracts.

Endpoint URLs

Please contact your integration manager to obtain a list of endpoints for both acceptance testing and production.


When the client system has passed certification, it is ready to move to Production after the final configuration in the Worldline production environment is complete. Worldline needs all bank details and must verify those details. This should also be considered early in the process.

Replace test with production

  • Push the certified system into production
  • Replace the test Merchant ID with the production Merchant ID.
  • Use the test certificate with production key.
  • If using the API access interface, use the production environment endpoints. If using Payment Page, use the production environment URL.
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