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Hosted Domain for Payment Page

Use Hosted Domain for accepting payments with your own domain name.

Worldline supports hosting of Domain Names and Certificates when you want the Payment Page embedded in your web page.

This is useful for merchant identity on pages as well as for support of a Payment Page presented within an iframe. Please note that some payment methods does not allow iframe.

The standard Payment Page is presented using a domain name. For merchants using a hosted domain name and certificate, the merchant URL will be shown instead.


  • Access to configure a DNS record
  • Choose a SSL Certificate Provider


  1. Determine the fully qualified domain name of the hosted page. E.g. secure.<your-domain-name>.com, and request a CSR from Worldline.
  2. Acquire a certificate from a SSL Certificate Provider.
  3. Send the certificate to Worldline.
  4. Worldline will install the certificate and provide you with a target DNS name.
  5. Configure DNS CNAME record to reference the Worldline target DNS name.
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